Celebrity Quotes

  1. "That's a great idea." Martina McBride (Singer)
  2. "It's so compact, I can take it anywhere." Yolanda Adams - Singer
  3. "That's class...I'll use it for my kids too."Jennifer Hudson (Singer)
  4. "Oh, I need one of these."Stevie Wonder (Singer)
  5. "I'm going to use this tonight before I go on. It's great!"LeAnn Rimes (Singer)
  6. "I can't wait to use it at home."Dominic Monaghan (Actor)
  7. "My voice feels better having used it." - Kings of Leon
  8. "This is genius, I'm going to use it right now."Rihanna (Singer)
  9. "That's fantastic! This was made for me."Jackson Brown (Singer)